Mission Statement

8 to a Lamp works to encourage and facilitate educational opportunities for the people of Tanzania by building school structures and providing educational resources to students. 

The ultimate goal for 8 to a Lamp is to help communities in Tanzania become self-sufficient by providing support for better education and promoting community involvement.

The Name

The name ‘8 to a Lamp’ comes from the executive director, Bryan's, personal experience as a teacher in Tanzania, where he witnessed 8 children studying, all crowded around one kerosene lamp. 

Focus of Work:

While teaching mathematics at the secondary school in the village of Magulilwa, Tanzania, people in the village asked Bryan, to help raise funds to build a kindergarten.  After 3 years of fundraising, the financial goal was reached to build a two-room, one-office and two-toilet kindergarten.

In May of 2011, Bryan returned to Tanzania with the funding to help community members of Magulilwa build the kindergarten.


Prior to the building of the kindergarten, there was little to no pre-primary education in the village of Magulilwa, Tanzania.  Children ages 2 - 5 needed a place to begin early education.

Studies have shown that early childhood education can dramatically improve a child’s chances of success.  Thanks to 8 to a Lamp, approximately 120 students will attend the kindergarten, which the entire Magulilwa community (roughly 3,000 people) can benefit from.

Only 2% of all primary school students in Tanzania currently have an opportunity to attend any secondary school, particularly in rural villages.  By building the kindergarten, it means the students begin their education earlier and preparing them to perform at a higher primary level. With this kindergarten education, the children of Magulilwa are more likely to attend a secondary school.

Future Plans:

The new construction projects are building a kitchen for the already existing Kindergarten, and building a technical school in the city of Iringa.  8 to a Lamp wants to make sure students have proper nutrition and that they have a chance to reach a secondary education. So far they have purchased the land for the technical school and hope to continue their plan as they raise additional revenue to help them do so.

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