Polar Bear Ornament

Polar Bear Ornament
Polar Bear Ornament

Meet Polar Bear! Created in Springfield, IL this ornament is sure to bring charm to your tree or happiness to your home as you display your polar bear year-round.

Polar Bear was created from laser cut, softly sanded poplar.  Hang him or her on a tree, tie them around a napkin or onto a gift box. Leave as is, or perhaps have fun painting your polar bear!

Size: 2" tall x 0.2 thick x 4" wide

Alice and Andy started their small company over 25 years ago.  Their team of designers take cues from everyday items and recreate these images in works of art using simple materials.  Based out of Springfield, IL their company continues to create innovative and affordable accessories for the home and office. They “hope that you find our offerings interesting, and that they make your life just a little more colorful, more satisfying, more fun! 

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