Ugandan Wood Serving Set

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This unique set of serving utensils was handmade using wild olive wood with intricately carved recycled cow bone handles. From Rakai, Uganda, these serving spoons make a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Size: Spoon and Fork 3 1/2" wide x 14" long

Color: The coloration and pattern varies for each spoon and fork. Each set is slightly different, since it depends on the part of the olive wood used to create the utensil as well as the part of bone used for each handle. 

This serving spoon set was purchased in Rakai, Uganda which is the home of the Hope Again Women's Project in Rakai, Uganda where the first case of AIDS in the world was diagnosed. The Hope Again Women's Ministry project employs more than 300 women, many of whom are widows affected by HIV/AIDS and who care for multiple children in their households. The women produce home decor and jewelry items. The purchase of their products provides income to women affected by the HIV/AIDS virus, which enables them to obtain medical care and support their children and orphans in their communities, and also helps feed children around the world!