Roasted and Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Roasted and Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Roasted and Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Roasted and Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Compatible Technology International (CTI) designs and delivers tools for small-holder farmers in Africa that lift peanuts from the ground, remove the peanuts from the stems, and shell and grind the peanuts to make peanut butter. With CTI tools, peanut production can increase up to 1,500%

Thanks to CTI, many women are using their new incomes from their peanut farms to send their children to school. Families are seeing their children grow healthy and strong. This is impact we can live with! 

Sales from this beaded bowl support CTl's mission to fight hunger in Africa by equipping rural communities with innovative farming tools and business training. Your purchase helps families around the world produce an abundance of nutritious food while also helping them build thriving enterprises. Your support brings hope to the hungry. 

Bag Sizes: 16 oz. (one pound)

Fresh Raosted & Salted Virginia Peanuts Ingredients: Virginia peanuts, Oil, Salt

Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Ingredients: Semisweet chocolate (contains: sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lectithin (an emulsifier), vanillin (an artificial flavor) dry roasted peanuts, confectioner's glaze, gum arabic.

Twenty-nine years ago, Jim Burt and his wife purchased a nut-packaging machine, a scale, and as many freshly roasted cashews and mixed nuts as they could find. Using a typewriter to create a price sheet they created the store’s first ever customer mailing. Orders for their nuts flooded in as fast as they could fill them! The couple had stumbled onto something bigger than they ever could have dreamed.

Today with their three sons, Michael, Tommy and Jimmy, they continue to grow and expand the business locally in MN but also throughout the country through their online store. They look forward to this year, their 29th season, and are anxious to sell more peanuts to their friends and customers who share their love for We Are Nuts!


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