If you’re like most of our non-profit partners, your ongoing question is:

How can I raise more money to support our mission?
How do I expand my sources of recurring revenue?

MissionMade was designed exactly for this purpose.

MissionMade.com is an online store where your volunteers, shareholders and supporters can shop - with one big difference


Mission Made is a registered 501C3 and our mission is to help support your mission! 

We are creating a disruptive sales model where shoppers can use their buying power for good! We are not asking you to sell stuff and giving you a percentage. We are asking you to invite your supporters to visit your branded store, to buy things they would buy anyway, and we will send 20% of their sales directly to you.


Zero barrier of entry, we do all the work

  • There is no initial cost
  • There are no setup fees
  • No monthly hosting fees

We buy, warehouse and ship all of the items in the store for you. There is no investment in products and no fulfillment fee. You pay nothing to join the Mission Made movement.

How can we do that?

We created a non-profit specifically to help non-profits. We want to be part of the solution by allowing shoppers to use their buying power for good!

20% goes to you

The Mission Made difference is that we divert 20% of the sales in your store back to you. It’s not 20% of the profit, but 20% of total sales. We offer complete transparency in reporting as well as a real time meter showing you and your shoppers your donation totals as they happen.

20% on 20 new products each month. That’s what we call 20/20 vision!


Your store is branded for you

We create a branded online store for you, including your logo, story and video (if you have one)

Each branded store has a featured item, 3 items selected by your organization and 16 more that we will select for you each month – that’s 20 products per month and we switch the items every month.

What do we need you to do?

Invite your constituents to shop at your store. That’s it. Each month we will create a pdf for you to use in Constant Contact or whatever email app you use to invite your community to shop at your store. You can choose to email once a month, once a quarter, or once a year — whatever meets your fundraising needs. And, yes, we can email on your behalf if you prefer.

Its 4 simple steps:

  1. You email your constituents an invitation to your branded online store.
  2. They go to the store to shop
  3. They buy stuff
  4. Mission Made sends you 20% of everything they buy

What’s the next step? Just reach out via email and we will give you a call.
No commitment yet, but let’s have a chat!

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