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What is MissionMade?

MissionMade is a new shopping platform that allows buyers and makers to partner in order to generate new money for non-profit partners.

MissionMade creates a unique, non-profit branded shopping experience featuring gifts, artisan crafts and customized products.

Shoppers buy quality products and direct a substantial portion of the sale to a non-profit partner.

The goal of MissionMade is to create a platform of generosity that cultivates resources and income for public charities — where single individuals can engage in small acts of commerce, philanthropy, and creation, that, when combined with the acts of countless other individuals, creates the power to positively transform and impact our world.

What Makes MissionMade Unique?

While there are many e-commerce and retail stores that donate back to non-profits or charities, MissionMade is disruptive in the following ways:

We donate 20% of the purchase price. That is ground-breaking. For example — Amazon Smile donates .5% (that’s half of one percent) and iGive donates 3%. We donate 20% of the PURCHASE price of the sale. Not a percentage of profits (often unrealized). But the purchase price.

We create customized and branded online stores for each of our non-profit partner organizations. So each of our partners has a unique place to send their stakeholders, tell their story and sell their goods.

We are building a long-term sustainable platform. We are helping a new generation use their buying power to do good in the world. This is more than generating one-time donations. We are changing the way people shop.

We are our own non-profit. How can MissionMade give 20% of sales back to their partners? There are no shareholders or owners that need to be paid. As a non-profit, we have the ability to ask for help from our donors to build the solution and the patience to work the plan as it moves toward a self-sustainable model.

How Does it Work?

MissionMade purchases inventory for the store from a variety of sources including artisan-made products from around the globe, local handmade crafts, and unique products made by companies/makers specifically for MissionMade.

Using “event-marketing” these items are featured as “Product of the Month” and become available for a limited time. An email campaign is created that shows the product and tells the story behind it.

Rather than spending excessive money on marketing trying to drive people to come shop for these products at a new online store — MissionMade instead works directly with their non-profit and charity partners.

The partners harness the relationship power they already have with their constituents. It is the non-profit or charity that sends the monthly offer to their constituent lists, asking them to do their shopping on MissionMade in order to direct 20% of their purchase price back to their organization. When people click on the link in their email, they go right to the customized store of the non-profit or charity they already know.

Shoppers can see in real-time their 20% purchase price get added to the donation total for the partner they are shopping for.

The Financial Model

MissionMade becomes self-sustaining when it reaches 250K a month in sales (or 3 million annually). This revenue happens when we have 50 non-profit or charity partners generating 5K a month in sales. This is a completely attainable goal.

MissionMade estimates it will hit this goal by the end of 2018, and double it by the end of 2019.

How You Can Help

In order for MissionMade to start to bridge to a self-sustaining model, the organization needs start-up capital.

It is our best guess that the necessary money to grow to this point is $450,000 in Year One and $250,000 in Year Two.

That capital will be used to:

  • Purchase inventory in bulk quantities to maximize donations
  • Provide staffing and marketing materials for Director, Product Buyer, and Marketing Staff
  • Provide technology and internet expertise to create e-commerce platform
  • Create partnership collateral and staffing to create relationships with non-profit partners

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