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Whether it's for yourself or to buy a gift for someone else - at some point this year you are going to shop online...

Why not use your buying power for Good and support artists, non-profits and your gift-giving needs?! 

Enter MissionMade. 

We are an online store where anyone and everyone can come to shop and find unique, mostly handmade, fantastic gift items that will be mailed directly to your doorstep - but we also offer another amazing perk:

YOU get to choose which non-profit donation to support with your purchase.

Before you even begin shopping for great gifts, you choose which category and non-profit you would like to kick-back 20-80% of your purchase to in the form of a donation from us to them (that's HUGE!).


For specifically featured or branded items at the top of the page on a non-profit's store - 80% of that purchase will be sent back to your organization of choice. 

For any other items purchased throughout the online stores in the shoppable categories at the bottom of the page - 20% of your total purchase price will be donated back. 

A little bit - goes a long way and you can make a big difference for a cause you believe in and in supporting local and global artisans making these great gifts. 

Select the non profit you would like to support with your purchase, go to their store and start shopping!

Their mission, your support — it really is that easy.

Use your buying power for good, shop MissionMade!

Join the shopping movement where where shoppers & artists
connect to generate new money for non-profit partners.

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