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How Does it Work?

Unique Products

We purchase high quality, unique and handmade items from local and global artists who love knowing the goods they create help support non-profits doing great work in the world.

Personalized Shopping Experience

We build a shopping engine that presents customized, branded store sites for each non-profit partner.


Non-profit partners invite their  supporters to shop at their store. We also do our best to promote all non-profit partner stores at all times (Our Goal: to generate new donors and supporters for our non-profit partners.


Every sale will direct 20% of the purchase price, not just the profit, to our non-profit partner organizations. For branded, personalized items on a partner's store - 80% of the purchase is donated back to the non-profit partner.

Donation Tracking

Our partners receive 100% of all donations added by customers at checkout as well as 20%-80% of every sale made on their store.

Full Circle

A full circle win-win-win for everyone:
Customers support one of their favorite non-profits, the customer receives a quality gift, the livelihood of the artist who made the product is supported, and the non-profit partner recieves 20-80% of the sale, 100% of any addend dontations, and they engage with their supporters in a fun, new way!
MissionMade seeks to change the way people shop, for Good.

Relationship Between
Non-Profits & MissionMade

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