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What is MissionMade?

We are a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to
help other non-profits increase their revenue and the capacity to tell their story
in a new way to existing donors and new customers. 

We do this work at NO COST to our non-profit partners!

A free online store for non-profit organizations?

Yes indeed! Our non-profit partners have enough to think about and
manage on a day-to-day basis. We exist to lighten their load, spread
the word about their great work, and keep their supporters happy and engaged. 

MissionMade also exists to support local and global artists by purchasing and promoting
their handmade items which we sell on each of our non-profit partner online stores. 

We host pop-up stores at community events throughout the area or at our
non-profit partner Gala events in order to generate additional donations and
awareness for the important work non-profit organizations do each
and every day throughout the world. 

How is MissionMade Funded?

MissionMade relies on grants, donations and sales to help
fund our non-profit partner online stores.


The goal of MissionMade is to create a platform of generosity that cultivates
new engagement and income for non-profit organizations.

Our online store is a place where single individuals can engage in small acts of
commerce, that, when combined with other customers, creates the power to positively
transform and impact our communities and the world - by funding the great
work non-profit partners do and by supporting the livelihoods of the artists
creating the handmade items we sell. 

What Makes MissionMade Unique?

While there are many e-commerce and retail stores that donate back to non-profits or
charities, MissionMade is disruptive and unique in the following ways:

We donate 20% of the purchase price. That is ground-breaking. For example —

Amazon Smile donates .5% (that’s half of one percent) and iGive donates 3%.
We donate 20% of the PURCHASE price of the sale.
Not a percentage of profits (often unrealized). But the purchase price. 

For non-profits who host their own, branded or handmade items in the "Featured Section" at
the top of their store - 80% of the sale of these items go back to the non-profit organization! 

We create customized and branded online stores for each of our non-profit partner organizations...at zero cost.
So each of our partners has a unique place to send their stakeholders, tell their story and sell their goods.

We are building a long-term sustainable platform. We are helping a new generation use their buying power to do good in the world. This is more than generating one-time donations. We are changing the way people shop.

We are our own non-profit. How can MissionMade give 20%-80% of sales back to their partners? There are no shareholders or owners that need to be paid. As a non-profit, we have the ability to ask for help from our donors to build the solution and the patience to work the plan as it moves toward a self-sustainable model. We are funded through grants, donations and sales and we truly love doing this work for our non-profit partners. 

How Does it Work?

MissionMade purchases unique, quality, and handmade items from a variety
of sources, local and global artisans and small businesses making great products. 


Optional Promotions for our Non-Profit Partners

Our non-profit partners have the option of using “event-marketing” to highlight a certain item
to be featured as a “Product of the Month” and become available for a limited time.
Our talented graphic designer on staff, Julie, can help create an email campaign to
highlight the seasonal the product and tell the story behind it.

We are always trying to "get the word out" that MissionMade exists 24/7
for anyone to shop for great gifts and support their favorite non-profits.

However, we do not spend excessive money on marketing
tactics trying to drive people to come shop for these products.

MissionMade instead hopes to spread the world by hosting pop-up stores
at community events, our customers who have shopped before and have come
back again (tell your friends!) and by collaborating directly with our non-profit
and charity partners to help engage their existing volunteers, supporters and fans. 

Our non-profit partners harness the relationship power they already have with their constituents. It is the non-profit partner who decides if and when to send seasonal product offers to their constituent lists. When they do - they ask their supporters to do their shopping on MissionMade in order to direct 20%-80% of their purchase price back to that particular non-profit as a donation. When email recipients click on the link in that email offer, they go directly to the customized store of the non-profit or charity they already know and love...and want to support in additional ways!

The Financial Model

MissionMade hopes to work with and support as many non-profit partners as we can. The more donations we can help send into our community to fund the great work accomplished and continued by non-profits -  the better off we all are! MissionMade's current goal is to work with 50 non-profit partners and for us to generate 5K a month - for each of our partners - in sales. 

How You Can Help

In order for MissionMade to reach our goal, we are hoping to find donors who believe in and can invest in our work to help MissionMade support our non-profit partners.

Capital will be used to:

  • Purchase inventory in bulk quantities (to maximize donations) from local and global artisans
  • Provide staffing for MissionMade and Marketing Materials for our non-profit partners
              MissionMade staff includes: Director, Product Buyer, and Graphic Designer
  • Provide technology and internet expertise to create and continue a robust, e-commerce platform
  • Create partnership collateral and staffing to create relationships with non-profit partners

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