French Roast Coffee

French Roast Coffee
French Roast Coffee
French Roast Coffee

This Direct Trade, delicious coffee will create the perfect cup for your home, the office, or as a great gift for anyone on your list!

Grown and harvested in high altitudes in Haiti this coffee is gentle, yet flavorful.

Roasted in small batches - this medium-dark roast, rare coffee is classically Caribbean in every way:  deep, rich chocolaty flavors with an essence of lemon. 

Singing Rooster is the farmer’s partner!

Tasting Notes : Roasty goodness, chocolaty body, subtle citrus undertones. Smooth.

This is a "goldilocks roast" - not too light – not too dark ;)

Extra Info for Coffee Lovers: This rare Haitian Mountain Blue coffee comes from the same type of coffee plant & is grown in a similar region as Jamaican Blue coffee

SIZE: 12 ounce bag

How this Coffee is Made:

Molly and Christophe Nicaise created Singing Rooster in 2009. Their approach to supporting sustainable development and growth is holistic, and their collective goal is to build international markets for world-class products.
They re-invest 100% of their own profits into strengthening business activities of small producer farmers and artists. The staff provides management, financial resources, record keeping and agronomic support to several farmer-owned networks across Haiti.
Singing Rooster aggregates coffee and cacao from over 40 cooperatives that represent over 10,000 smallholder farmers and works shoulder to shoulder with Haitian coffee farmers, buying their coffee crops at more than fair trade prices.

You can enjoy your high-quality, delicious coffee even more knowing your purchase supports the livelihoods of hard-working, talented farmers in Haiti!


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