Handmade Bicycle Basket

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Handmade by community members in Northern Ghana this beautiful bicycle basket provides a livelihood for 25 members of the community! 

This bicycle basket was handwoven from a tropical grass called the elephant grass or veta vera and hand-dyed using natural elements. Each basket comes with leather straps.

Joseph, who manages the community of basket weavers, calls this the "Asungtaba Basket" Asungtaba means "helping each other succeed" in Frafra, the language of Joseph and his community of basket weavers in Northern Ghana.

Bike Basket Size: 13" x 9.25" x 9.25"       See design/color options below

Basket Care Instructions: 
To reshape:  wet your basket (avoid getting the leather wet as it will damage the leather over time). Let the basket sit for a few minutes for it to absorb the water, then: reshape!  Let dry thoroughly. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight as all dyes used are natural without artificial sealants and they can fade over time.  

Born and raised in Northern Ghana, Joseph has been weaving baskets since he was 12 years old. After completing high school, Joseph began basket weaving to provide for his father and sisters. Joseph organizes a community of men, women, and teenagers to work together to weave baskets, fulfilling a vision of a community prospering with dignity and economic independence. Currently, there are twenty five community members, but Joseph hopes to expand and include interested community members from nearby villages.