Handmade Compass Journal

Handmade Compass Journal
Handmade Compass Journal
Handmade Compass Journal
Handmade Compass Journal
Handmade Compass Journal

 This rustic leather journal is the perfect travel companion. Handmade in MN, this journal has the look and feel of a rustic adventure and, more importantly, it is ready to be taken on one.

Handmade Journal Specs:
- This journal measures 4.5" wide x 6" long 

- 200 pages (counting both sides) of 67lb, unlined, acid free paper
- Paper is sturdy with a slight tooth and works wonderfully with all dry media, pen and ink and can even handle light washes
- Cream Colored Paper
- Strong waxed linen thread binding the pages directly to the cover
- A long stitch binding method is used so pages lay flat, allowing you to fill up every inch of writing space!
- Cover and closure are made from re-purposed leathers
- The image of a compass was created by Nicole. She carved out a stamp and printed the image onto suede before hand-stitching the patch directly to the journal cover

Size: 4.5" x 6"
Materials Used: Leather, Suede, Ink, Paper, Waxed Linen Thread


Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Nicole draws her inspiration from her immediate surroundings as well as adventures along the north shore of Lake Superior. It’s not only her goal to create books that have the look and feel of a rustic adventure but ones that can also be taken on one.

Nicole wants people to hold one of her handmade leather journals and be taken back to their favorite place or be inspired to go out and find a new one!

She creates her products in her shop with her own two hands. In creating leather bound journals and sketchbooks, she maintains a strong commitment to the environment. This means that 100% of the leather used in her work is scrap leather and that all leftover scraps are made into mini book jewelry, making sure nothing goes to waste.

In her mind, a journal will always be the perfect way to record a life and isn’t something that should fall by the wayside in a technology laden world. It doesn’t matter if a person writes, draws, takes pictures or collects recipes; Nicole’s handmade leather journals are both a piece of art and a blank canvas.

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