Handmade Artisan Soap - 2 Pack

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Each bar of soap is hand-poured and cut by a master craftsman, size and shape tends to vary. No two soaps are exactly alike, but each bar will be at least the listed weight of 5oz. 

Soap set includes 2 bars of soap with the following scents:

Lavender Zen - Calming and Relaxing
Lemon Lift - Positive and Energizing

Each bar is hand-made from natural ingredients: shea butter, palm kernel oil, soybean oil, aloe vera, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, thyme, rosemary and water.

All soaps are chemical, artificial ingredient, pesticide, fertilizer and paraben-free. Intended for external use as a body bar, but can also be used for hair and face.'

Meet Niendow the soap maker (pronounced “NIN-doe”; his name means ‘one who returns’). Traveling to Northern Ghana, an area known for its shea butter, we were handed Niendow’s soap by our hostess with the words ‘try this and you will never use any other soap’.