Lil' Boat Tee: 2017 Rêve Retail Design Winner

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Every sale supports Rêve Academy and their student design teams.
This tee is part of the  'Alt Coast' Apparel Line. The 2017 Rêve Academy interns had the task of designing, creating, and marketing a wearable for the Rêve Retail Team. 
They took the idea of Minnesota Pride and reformed it into 'Alt Coast':  Alt meaning alternative and coast due to the accumulative coast that is comparable to those of the east and west. Rêve Retail wants young Minnesota to take pride in their state being more than just "flyover land." 

The Lil' Boat tee represents a fisherman who fishes on the 10 thousand lakes while the waves underneath the boat represents the movement of the lake water.


These tees were designed by students.  Every tee sale supports Rêve Academy and their student design teams.