Pup Bandana

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Handmade by Julie - a mother of twins living in Minneapolis, MN. Her original baby-bib design worked so well on children that she extended it to canines as well! Who says dogs can't accessorize? Your pup will look great in this bandana made especially for them.

These bandanas are comfortable, soft, and stylish.

Pup bandanas are equipped with two plastic snaps on each side for an adjustable fit. The flannel backing helps the bandana keep its shape and holds up much better in the wash over than other bandanas.

BANDANA SIZE: 17" wide x 7" long

EXTENDER OPTION: For larger dogs, we offer a bandana extender. The extender itself is 11" long and has three snaps on each size to create a variety of size options. 

The bandana itself should fit dog collar sizes ranging from 12" - 18" Two snaps are on each side for adjustable fitting (to make sure it works before and after your dog receives a hair cut!

The bandana with extender will fit collar size range from 23"-28"

While living in Minneapolis, MN Julie began making bib-bandanas for her own infant twins. She soon realized that others were interested in her product and began a small business she now calls BibbyBubby! Today - she sews bibs, dog-bandanas and many more adorable items for interested customers.