Thinking Caps

Regular price $20.00

These 100% organic cotton hats were designed in Minneapolis and feature clever phrases along with a fashionable fit to complement your outfit and your attitude!

Each hat has 2 layers of organic cotton sewn with contrast stitching and a torn-edge effect on each image for a great look and feel.

Each Thinking Cap has a positive message delivered in a bright embroidery on the brim of your hat. The inside of the cap includes a surprise image to keep you thinking creatively all day long! On the back, find the signature Thinking Caps logo patch, along with the ability to adjust the size of the hat to provide you with a custom-fit.

A great look. A great fit. A great message. A great gift.

Size: One size fits most. Adjustable fit.

Message options:
Think Globally
Think Peace
Think Positive
Think Happy
Think Again
Think Big
Think Love

These hats were created by Stone Arch Merchants, a local Minneapolis company. They are happy to support Mission Made and its marketplace.